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Online Casino frauds: hackers, spammers and phishing sites

Online Casino frauds: hackers, spammers and phishing sites

online casino frauds - you need to be carefulOnline casinos are are very popular thing these last few years and as such it is no wonder that there are a lot of people who would try to exploit some of its weaknesses and get to your money in a not so legal way. Here are a few online casino frauds that you should particularly be careful of and how to deal with them.

First thing you should check is whether the casino in question is safe or not. You are about to give them some personal information so the least they can do is to provide a secure connection. If the connection between your computer and the casino server is not secure enough, someone may eavesdrop on it and can gather a lot of data about your financial details and you don’t want that to happen.

Even if the connection between your computer and the server is secure, that still does not mean that you are safe. Another threat, maybe even bigger than the hackers are the spammers. These guys work in two different ways, but they all have one thing in common and that is to get information out of you by pretending that they are someone they are not. In the first case, the spammer will use your electronic mail. If you receive an e-mail from someone who claims to be a representative of an online casino and wants to update some data so he needs you to resend your information, check his address. If it is a free one or not associated with the casino in question, just delete his message and don’t bother to reply.

The other case is, I might say, an even bolder one as it involves the spammer calling you on your phone. In this case, the spammers will use a script and if you are not careful they can really sound genuine. Of course, no matter how good their story is, don’t give them any information as no reputable online casino will call their players at home. Of course, no matter if the spammers are using the electronic mail or a phone, there is one important thing that gives them away and that you should always remember. No online casino will look for information from its players this way

phishing casino websites very often look the sameAnd finally, the last threat to your money comes from phishing sites. These websites look exactly like the real casino websites, but with one big difference, you don’t get your money when you win. Always check if you are at the right website. The difference can be minor, but even one letter can make the difference between you having a straight flush or becoming another victim of phishing.

Online casinos and the games they offer can be a great pastime or a nice extra source of income, but if you are not careful you can wind up giving your personal and financial information to complete strangers who will delight in using those for their own needs.